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Help enterprise digital transformation, jochro electronic online labor contract officially launched today

 Times : 2020-12-30  Hitn : 425

Electronic contract is favored by many industries because of its convenient, efficient, safe and legal characteristics. As more and more employers begin to use electronic labor contract, the legal validity of electronic contract and how to adopt electronic evidence have become the focus of enterprises.

Generally speaking, an effective electronic contract requires the following two conditions: 1. The parties to the contract have been authenticated by their real names; 2. It is a reliable electronic signature recognized according to the electronic signature law. If the above two conditions are met, the electronic contract has the same legal effect as the handwritten signature of the paper contract.

According to the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on electronic signature, the electronic contract that locks the true identity of the contracting party, effectively prevents the tampering of documents, and accurately records the signing time is recognized by the law.

Therefore, whether the electronic contract of human resource company is legal and effective depends on whether it provides reliable electronic signature, whether it can ensure the true identity of both parties signing the contract, accurately record the signing subject, signing time and signing content, and prevent the documents from being tampered in the process of transmission and storage.

Electronic contract involves business secrets of enterprises, so whether the electronic contract of human resource company can provide security for data transmission and storage is particularly important.

When it comes to contracts, people inevitably think of a series of actions, such as editing, signing, managing, storing and disputing contracts. If the E-contract service of human resource company can provide a closed loop and a complete set of solutions, such as contract signing, contract management, contract custody, judicial evaluation, all hidden risks in the use of E-contract can be eliminated fundamentally.

However, in the industry of human resources companies, not many can achieve closed-loop service, and Shanghai zhuochuan is one of the few enterprises.

For the whole life cycle of E-contract, Shanghai zhuochuan provides a large number of whole process closed-loop legal services, from signing, storing and authenticating E-contract to resolving disputes.

1. Zhuochuan provides E-contract signing, e-signature, online contract editing, contract management, and certificate storage and issuance services to meet the basic needs of users for e-contracts;

2. Zhuochuan provides forensic expertise, online arbitration and lawyer services. Moreover, Zhuo Chuan has long been an E-contract service provider with one click arbitration cases and recognized by the court;

3. Zhuochuan provides more than 500 commercial contracts for users to download for free, involving all walks of life, and users can quickly generate their own exclusive contracts;

4. Zhuochuan also provides legal insurance for electronic contracts, which provides multiple guarantees for electronic contracts and protects the legitimate rights and interests of users;

It can be said that zhuochuan has truly realized the closed-loop service of legal protection for the whole life cycle of electronic contract, and safeguarded the spirit of contract in the Internet era.

Shanghai zhuochuan Human Resources Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, which belongs to zhuochuan group.

Zhuochuan human resource service is based on scientific talent management, perfect talent platform and guarantee service system. To provide services for the development of human resources in China's compound market. Relying on its strong resource advantages and professional service team, the company has served more than 1000 well-known multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in the past ten years, and managed more than 100000 employees.

As a leading enterprise in China's human resource service industry, Shanghai zhuochuan relies on 10 years of rich practice and professional knowledge, takes "consulting + technology + service" as the value system, focuses on four main businesses of "personnel management, salary and welfare, recruitment and flexible employment and outsourcing", and provides various enterprises with comprehensive human resource solutions integrating local wisdom and global vision. At present, more than 25% of the world's top 500 enterprises choose Shanghai zhuochuan's services.

Through efficient management and resource platform advantages, the company ushered in rapid development. It has set up branches in 35 provinces and cities in China. Over the years, it has been awarded the title of "Shanghai famous brand enterprise", "Shanghai top 100 enterprises in human resource service industry", "Shanghai small and medium-sized enterprise service organization", "Shanghai trustworthy human resource service organization", "Shanghai advanced enterprise" and "Shanghai famous brand enterprise" by Shanghai. It has been awarded the title of "Shanghai top 100 modern service enterprises" for four consecutive years, and has become one of the authoritative institutions in human resource industry