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Zhuochuan Human Resources Co., Ltd. has been awarded "Shanghai Top 100 Human Resources Service Industry Organizations" for 4 consecutive years

 Times : 2019-08-19  Hitn : 439

Moment of glory

On August 19, the Shanghai Talent Service Industry Association announced and publicized the " 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Human Resources Service Industry Rankings ". Zhuochuan Human Resources Co., Ltd. was once again on the list and entered the top 50. So far, Zhuochuan has 4 consecutive Topped the list every year .


The ranking of the top 100 companies reflects the overall status and development trends of Shanghai's human resources service industry, setting a benchmark in the industry, and effectively promoting better and faster development of the industry. The list was selected and drafted by the Shanghai Talent Service Industry Association in accordance with the human resources service industry statistical methods and based on the principle of "fairness, openness, and justice". It has high credibility and authority in the industry. Being on the list for 4 consecutive times fully demonstrates the official trust and recognition of Zhuo Chuan.



After more than ten years of continuous innovation and research and development, Zhuochuan has successfully developed from a traditional human resources outsourcing service company to a group company with mobile Internet as its engine and an "Internet economy" business model; it has always been committed to using human resources technology to help the development of the enterprise , Took the lead in launching an online human resource service platform in China, creating an "Internet + human resource service" model, providing enterprise customers with accurate and efficient online and offline next-stop services, and helping customers seize opportunities and win in the era of "talent and technology" Success .


Relying on the innovative spirit of exploration and the continuous innovation of human resource technology service products, Zhuochuan Enterprise Group has repeatedly achieved good results over the years, and has successively obtained Shanghai Famous Brand Enterprise, Shanghai Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Agency (provincial platform), and Shanghai Trustworthy Human Resource Service Organizations (won 3 consecutive years), Shanghai Human Resources Service Industry Integrity Demonstration Organization, Shanghai Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable AAA Level Enterprise and other honors, this time it has won the "Shanghai Top 100 Human Resources Service Industry Organizations" again.


Zhuochuan Enterprise Group has now become a human resource service provider for thousands of enterprises and institutions and several top 500 companies, with a total of nearly 200,000 people serving nearly 200,000 people, serving all over the country, and having a good reputation in the industry and customers. In the future, Zhuochuan will continue to aim at the innovation and upgrade of human resources technology service products, and continue to create value for the optimization of social human resources